The Big Wonderful - The Ginger Pig Official Launch We are thrilled to be launching our big wonderful food truck, The Ginger Pig, ONE MONTH FROM TODAY, on May 7th at The Big Wonderful in Denver.

The Big Wonderful is very special to us, it's where I first met Marcus, and his truck, The Shiitake Swerve. It was a beautiful Saturday last September in Denver and I went to The Big Wonderful with a couple of friends. I obviously had no idea that we would end up buying the Shiitake Swerve truck at the end of January. By then, Marcus had already become a mentor and a friend.

It is only fitting that we are launching Our Big Wonderful at The Big Wonderful. We are so excited to bring you some authentic Asian street food at The Ginger Pig truck. I'd like to thank everyone that's supported Steve and I along the way, you all know who you are cause I've probably thanked you one, two, or five times.

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